Conference Solutions

Amway is a global MLM company and we have supported their conferences worldwide.
We direct and manage the events, develop theme branding, videos, presentations and provide presenter guidance.
Executed well, conferences and events are one of the best face to face communication tools. We have highly tuned production techniques designed to deliver the most intimate of product launches through to pan-European and global conferences.
We design the stage set and surrounding venue areas, working closely with our clients to make the speakers feel comfortable and allow the audience to have the best possible viewing experience.
From concept through to the final event, we understand our clients needs.
Amway EXPO, NEC Birmingham, Three Days, 10,000 attendees.
Over three days, attendees were provided with exclusive information, live health tips, cookery demos and make-up tutorials.
We can supply all support materials, including merchandise, pop-ups and printed event elements.
The Amway Sales & Marketing Plan. Literature designed for the Amway Business Owner.

Video Production

Our professional video production and creative solutions can create an answer for all your Corporate videos, Advertising & Marketing videos, Event Highlights, Motion Graphics & Animation, Time-lapse and Drone footage.
We create videos for all our client events, from teasers to event highlights, we’ve got you covered!

Brand Development

We can help to develop the process of building and sharing a company’s (or person’s) mini world, culture, value system, and perspective, so they can connect better with the people they want to connect with. We have successfully created original and stand-out brands for companies large and small, as well as bespoke brands for events, summits and conferences.

App Development

If you need to market your company to the smartphone-obsessed masses, our app development team specialise in building app’s for all major platforms including IOs, Android and Windows, and have experience in API integrations and developing mobile supported social applications.

Design for Print

Gower Limited started life as a graphics business over 35 years ago and we quickly built a solid reputation for producing effective, print-based communications material, including Advertising, Brochures, Magazines, R+As, Display and Signage. And we still continue to produce material that calls upon our design skills and knowledge of conventional and digital printing processes.
A monthly magazine for Amway’s Business Owners which is translated into 27 different languages.